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Villniss are back at sea!

Many of our audience members fondly remember the Villness show in 2014 as one of the highlights of the festival’s twenty-year history. Well, good news: Villniss are returning!

Last time, the performers took us on a spectacular and magical journey of fantastic lights, marvellous dance, surprising waterski rides, beautiful song from a small rowboat, a fiddler playing underwater, and diving from the springboard at 10 meters. Many were open-mouthed for all of the 20 minutes the show lasted.

This year, we’ve invited Villniss members Andreas Ljones and Silje Onstad Hålien back to Farsund, and they’re bringing Ulf Arne Johannessen, Torkjell Børsheim, Silje Opstad and Birger Mistereggen for this year’s show. The 2018 version, which takes the last show as a point of departure and expands on it, will happen at Farsund’s storied bath house, Badehuset.

Students from Farsund municipality as well as Vest-Agder county will also be offered the show through Den kulturelle skolesekken program, and can see the show during the day on Thursday and Friday. At 21:00 on Friday the finale happens, where the entire Badehuset and the surrounding area is used. Villniss ved havet will also feature Sam Kelly duo from England, last having guested us in 2016. And then? Then we’ll enter the Motorbåtforeningen clubhouse for an informal concert with dancing in the cellar.

Villniss ved havet will be an exhibition of the very main idea behind Nordsjøfestivalen – to celebrate the music that has roots around the North Sea. The dancing and the music are both present, along with the traditional, but also the modern. We aim to bring you close to folk music, and to bring folk music to places where it would otherwise not be heard.

This will be fantastic, and fantastically fun!