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Sanden – Nygårds – Carr

Sanden-Nygårds-Carr is established folk musicians with years of experience on stage, also in film and theater music.

The music can be described as a mix of traditional Swedish folk music clearly influenced by Celtic music. “The end result is quite beautiful and passionate, while full of energy and power.” The music is really welcoming, beautiful and evocative.

Sofia Sandén (vocals, violin, viola da’more) Interpreters songs seriously, tenderly and sensitively. Her clear letters, design ability and musicianship makes the most complicated passages sound easy and obvious.

Anders Nygårds (violin, viola, mandolin) The Office Spelman with a solid foundation in tradition, curious and versatile musician / composer who has worked with artists such as Lars Winnerbäck and Magnus Uggla, and composed theater and film music.
Ian Carr (guitar) Guitarist with a unique sound that builds a fantasy entire rhythm and intricate melodies, a kind of Celtic new wave in Dala environment in Sweden. Has played with Swedish – Norwegian folk band SWAP, and British folk musician Kate Rusby.

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