Nordsjøfesten: The North Sea Party with Talisk and Julietnorth


This will be legendary.

On the first day of fall, a Saturday night, we’ll leave behind the hustle and bustle of everday life and enjoy ourselves with two of the foremost band the North Sea Festival has ever booked. Unleash the dancer in you, sit back and enjoy the music, or do a bit of both.

Scottish Talisk is a three-man firework show who have harvested awards to the east, south, north and west. Mohsen Amini, Hayley Keenan and Graeme Armstrong rank among the most prominent contemporary British folk musicians, with a reputation for fast and furious play.

Eivind Hansen Photography

Norwegian Julietnorth, where “Juliet” is the amazing Julie Alapnes, bring northern Norwegian traditions and swift fiddling to the stage. Along with Petter Carlsen, Halvard Rundberg and Aleksander Kostopolous she’s coming southeast to the Nordsjøfest.

The venue is, as it has been for years now, Eilert Sundt Hall, a fantastically atmospheric place that make guests gasp when they realise it’s usually a school gym. The date is September 1st, and the time is 21:00. Tickets can be found here.

We can’t wait!