Artist 2017

Lady Moscow

Lady Moscow has in the course of the last eight years delighted thousands of music lovers and festival visitors in Norway and abroad. The band has released three albums, Barrel dance (2008), Things to do in Lehre (2010) and A story about true love and weather (2014). All albums have received good reviews, and have left audiences all through the world dancing to Lady Moscow´s characteristic folk´n´roll sound.

Lady Moscow is renowned for her unrivaled energy, as shown through her highly energetic live shows which leave the audience in a state of exhilerated dancing, be they young or old. They Salute Balkan-boogie and folk’n-roll in equal measure, flirt unashamedly with the circus and still find time to notoriously cheat with folk, rock, jazz and tango. The band has excelled with it’s nontraditional approach to popular music, and offers a remarkable combination of askew notes and stylistic diversity. The deep voice of vocalist Galdal nods towards giants like Waits, Cave and Cohen, and the band itself has been described as “Tom Waits’ and Gogol Bordello’s illegitimate child, combining Waits introverted, satanic elegance with Bordellos self-effacing humor and madness”.

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