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Who are Talisk?

The band playing at Nordsjøfesten is among the rising stars on the British folk music scene over the last few years. Since their start in 2015, they’ve gone from success to success and won a number of awards. We could mention MG Alba Scots Trad Music Awards’ Folk Band Of The Year 2017 and the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards’ Young Folk Award 2015. And what about their nomination to BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards’ Horizon Award 2017?

Talisk was formed by concetina player Mohsen Amini and fiddler Hayley Keenan, along with Graeme Armstrong on guitar. They are all masters of their instruments, having won a number of awards. In addition, all of them are energic and skillful. Front man Mohsen Amini is a renowned concertina player who tours and plays with several bands in Scotland and England. He is the first musician to have been nominated for ‘Instrumentalist of the Year’ by the MG Alba Trad Awards and ‘Musician of the Year’  by the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards, and has also won ‘Young Traditional Musician of the Year’ .

Talisk plays folk music at hefty speeds, with a modern twist, but they also take us into the calmer melodies. Combined with Julietnorth, it’s an understatement to say that we’re extremely excited for this year’s Nordsjøfest.

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