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Powerful horns, hard violin and catchy rhythms characterize Habadekuk – a young and frisky eight-man band who shoot folk music well into the 21st century! The powerful blend of salsa, jazz and folk music provide a new life to old legendary fiddlers dance tunes.

The band has become a guarantor of energetic and intense concerts and has already impressed audiences in Denmark, Poland, Sweden, Norway and Finland. In Denmark, they have played at Odense Folk Festival, Spot Festival, Danish Music Award Folk and pump housing.

The repertoire includes both new songs and traditional music from such exotic places as Thy, Fano, Læsø, Zealand and Bornholm. The starting point for Habdekuks repetoire are traditional melodies played by, among others E Tinusser, Karl Skaarup, Viggo Post, Evald Thomsen and Frederik Iversen and the band brings the tradition where they left off. Habadekuk: The name comes from a regular Fano – melody.

Habadekuk won the “Danish Folk Album” in the Danish Music Award Folk 2011 for her debut album “Hopsadaddy”. On the same occasion, the violinist Kristian Bugge price “Danish Folke Artist”. Back in 2009 also took the Nordic Championship in folk – North ’09. Kristian Bugge won again the prize as folk musician in 2016, and during the festival he will perform in different settings with music colleagues from the Nordic countries. The group is a diverse mix of musicians from all corners of the Danish music scene. All very professional and with party in the fingers. We look forward to their visit in Farsund and looking forward to Saturdays party at Eilert Sundt Hall.