Elias Akselsen

Elias Akselsen is one of the foremost representatives of the musical and cultural heritage of his people (Romanian traveling people). Together with the family, he was subjected to persecution by the authorities and the church. As a teenager, he went to Sweden, where he walked large parts of the 1960s and 70s. Here he worked together with the trustees Cornelis Vreeswijk and Fred Åkerström.

However, he returned to Norway and started a comprehensive tradition of communication, among other things. With critically acclaimed recordings. Since 2000 he has worked closely with producer Sigbjørn Tveite in the record company Via Music. Akselsen is also engaged as a preacher, is the granddaughter of the “chieftain” Stor-Johan Fredriksen, grandfather of Tater-Milla and father of the artist Veronica Akselsen.