Artist 2018

Duo Sam Kelly and Jamie Francis are on!

Sam Kelly is a Bristol lad who sings, writes, plays and produces his own songs. The origins of both the man and his interest in music lie with his Irish grandfather, who told young Sam stories while playing on his melodeon. A couple of decades later old Mr Kelly’s grandson has released several records, won the BBC Radio 2 Awards, and is touring with several bands, including his Lost Boys as well as a musical Shakespeare company (!).

For Nordsjøfestivalen he’s bringing his mate Jamie Francis – dubbed by Sam’s website as a “main musical collaborator, flat-mate, personal chef and manservant”. Both are guitarists, but Jamie took up the mandolin to separate himself from Sam, and the twosome have been musical and unmusical partners-in-crime since their teens. Between their songs are anecdotes of various misadventures, lad’s nights out and musical triumphs, so prepare to be charmed!