This year’s opening concert with Susanne Lundeng!

We are extremely happy to announce the main artist for this year’s opening concert, Susanne Lundeng!

The Bodø dialect is melodic and expressive, and the same is true of Bodø native Susanne Lundeng. spellbound listeners for almost three decades. With her fiddle and her voice as her main instruments, she creates a melancholic and beautiful, but also wild and energetic sound that reminds us of a coast where the weather is as dramatic as the nature, and where thoughts and minds are often what keeps you warm. Susanne’s music has been well-received, ewarded with a Spellemann Award and praise from connosieurs, and her last album “Det va nære på” (in Northern Norwegian dialect, “That was close”), has been awarded with five out of six stars from a massed corps of reviewers. To quote them:

Aftenposten: “This has become Lundeng’s silent triumph… there is something strongly personal about this music, the sudden gales combined with the carefulness, poetry and song reinforce each other.”

Avisa Nordland: “Susanne sings with emotion and closeness, and in the tastefully produced sound is everything from intense fiddling and unexpected sound effects to percussian and a number of tangents.”

Folkemusikk.no: “In other words, there are strong mood shifts in this production. As usual, Lundeng’s fiddle clings beautifully, with a firm musical signature that runs like a thread through the record. But it’s also nice to experience that she also sings quite well, with a way of using her voice that grabs us.”

Along with Susanne, Are Simonsen and Bjørn Andor Drage or Nils-Olav Johansen will be playing. We’re looking forward to seeing them in Farsund during this year’s opening concert in the Eilert Sundt hall, where they will be playing along with Catriona McKay and Chris Stout!